Here’s an interesting topic I read recently on one of the Amazon author boards …. does the unusual spelling of a character name potentially hurt your book? Turns out the answer to that question is, yes it can!

There is Tina or Teena or Lisa or Lysa or Leesa, Tracy, Traci, Tracey, Tracei. In short, there are many unique and unusual ways you can spell a name but the question is, what way is best for your book? Asked me this question a few months ago and I would have said, what does it really matter? Spell your character name whatever you so desire. But after some research into it, I found out it really does matter.

From what I was reading an author gave out 20 preview copies of her book, each included two chapters of her book.  Half of them preview copies had the name spelled Tina, the other half had the name spelled Teena.  Othen that that the stories were identical.

The half that had the name spelled Tina came back with all positive reviews, not a negative thing to say about anything whereas the half that had the name spelled Teena came back with various negative comments. While not exactly an exact science, the supposed psychology behind this was that if something small bother you already such as the spelling of a name, even if you didn’t realize it was bugging you, you are more likely to leave negative feedback about other things in the book. While I can’t say for sure or not if that is true, I can say it is indeed an interesting  subject matter to research and something to consider overall when it comes to naming our beloved characters.